While Forests Preserved Used Trucks Used Elsewhere

used forestry trucks

The achievement of preserving heavy duty trucks should be commended. Megaton trucks are not the easiest of mechanized devices to maintain. So much work needs to go into preserving these heavy road users and off-road users. Speaking of off-road use, every effort is being made to spare the landscape. And much of it is being spared now. While your national heritage, your forests, is being spared, your used forestry trucks can be put to good use elsewhere. Take the agricultural business, for instance.

There can be no denying it, the agricultural business is not one that can be wished away, nor can it ever be the case. The agricultural business is essentially a breadbasket to the world. Largescale agricultural work has, however, received its criticism. More favor is being given to the small-scale farmer who, limited in his resources, generally has no alternative but to be as sustainable as possible. And that means wasting as little as possible. The used forestry truck was specifically designed for off-road use.

Not just for agricultural processing work but in all other areas where such work becomes necessary, the specially designed off-road trucks could be limiting the amount of damage done to the natural environment. Earlier, it was mentioned that forests are being preserved. Indeed, they are, but it does not mean that forestry work is now dead and buried. No, not by a long shot. Forestry work goes on just as before but with one significant difference. The forests being harvested today are being kept on land that is not under threat or poses no threat to surrounding environments.

But it will be quite a while before heavy loading trucks, used or brand new, will be able to go easy on the diesel.