5 Signs You Need Brake Repair

If the brakes on your car fail to work the way they’re designed, you have a big problem in your hands. Do not wait to take the vehicle in for professional service because without properly working brakes, you may find yourself involved in an accident or enduring a very expensive replacement in the future. There are many signs that suggest it is time to schedule brake service marysville wa, including the five below.

1.  Unusual Noises

If you suddenly hear noises coming from your brakes, such as squeaking, squealing, or making other unusual noises, it is time to schedule service to make the repair as soon as possible. When the brakes make strange noises, it is a sign that a repair or a replacement is needed.

2.  Harder to Stop the Vehicle

If you press the brakes but the car does not stop, this is a sign of trouble. You shouldn’t be forced to pump the brakes on the vehicle to come to a stop. You could need replacement pads or it could be something more serious. The professionals can make the right diagnosis in either situation.

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3.  Brake Light

The lights on the dashboard are indicator lights that you should not ignore. They are usually the first sign that something is wrong and a tell-tale sign that it’s time to take in your vehicle for a look.

4.  Leaking Brake Fluid

If there is liquid leaking from underneath the vehicle do not ignore the problem. Fluid draining out of the car is always a sign of trouble. Brake fluid leaks when components wear out, seals and gaskets loosen, and due to many other factors. A professional can quickly resolve this problem.

5.  Call Pulls to One Side

Do you notice that your car pulls to one side and that it is hard to keep the vehicle driving straight on the road? If so, this is yet another indication that trouble is brewing with the brakes and that you need to reach out to the pros to schedule service.